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There are various online payment methods in Europe, depending on the customs and habits of each country: Bizum in Spain, iDEAL in the Netherlands, Giropay in Germany. With PAYCOMET, you can offer 20+ payment methods from all over Europe. Make your international customers happy and boost conversion.

payment methods Europe
online payment methods Europe

eCommerce in Europe

Main online payment methods in Europe

There are various payment methods in Europe, depending on the customs of each region: PAYCOMET can tell you which are the most commonly used:

Card payments Europe


Boost conversion anywhere in the world, as the most commonly used payment method globally. The main brands are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and UnionPay.

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Online banking ePayment Europe


Online banking ePayment is extremely safe, using the customer’s login for their online banking system. With PAYCOMET, you can offer this payment method directly at checkout.

Payment online with prepaid vouchers Europe

Prepaid voucher

Immediate payment using prepaid vouchers makes transactions totally safe for you and your customers. Open up your shop to the thousands of users who prefer this method and join businesses that already accept them.

Mobile payments Europe

Mobile payments

Mobile payments allow users to carry out transactions using a mobile phone. Examples include Bizum in Spain, which has over 16 million users, Tele2 in Russia and M-Pesa in Kenya.

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Wallet payments in Europe


Receiving payment from wallets is easy. The big advantage is that your customer can use their chosen wallet (Skrill, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) and complete their purchase almost immediately.

Payment in instalments Europe


This can boost your average ticket and even encourage sales, giving your customers the option to pay comfortably in instalments. With PAYCOMET, you can offer this payment method directly at checkout.

Most popular electronic payment methods in Europe

Payment methods in Europe are as varied as the countries themselves.
Some of the most common include Giropay in Germany, Bancontact in Belgium and Bizum in Spain.

Payment method Category Description
InstantCredit by Sabadell ConsumerInstantCredit by Sabadell Consumer Financing InstantCredit is an instant, 100% digital solution from Sabadell Consumer that allows customers to pay online in easy instalments through a safe, trustworthy platform. Companies with annual turnover of €300,000 or higher can request this payment method.
BizumBizum Mobile payments Bizum is a leading mobile payment method in Spain for transferring money instantly and free of charge from one bank account to another.
Klarna Pay NowKlarna Pay Now Online Banking Klarna Pay Now is an online payment solution with over 85 million users in Europe acquired from Sofort by Swedish fintech Klarna.
EPSEPS Online Banking
wire transfer
EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) is an online transfer system developed jointly by banks and the Austrian government.
BancontactBancontact Online Banking Bancontact is one of the most popular payment methods in Belgium where users pay directly through its banking service.
PostFinancePostFinance Online Banking
wire transfer
PostFinance is a subsidiary of the Swiss state postal service and one of the largest Swiss financial institutions.
GiropayGiropay Online Banking Giropay is the most widely used online payment system in Germany. It allows secure payments using the customer´s own online banking environment.
TrustlyTrustly Online Banking Trustly is a regulated payment institution that allows secure online payments to be made directly from the buyer´s bank account.
MyBankMyBank Online Banking
wire transfer
MyBank is a Europe-wide, simple, reliable and secure online payment method that uses the consumer´s own online banking service.
iDealiDeal Online Banking iDEAL is the preferred online payment method in Holland and the Netherlands. A fast, reliable and secure payment option backed by leading Dutch banks.
Multibanco SIBSMultibanco SIBS Online Banking
ATM payments
Multibanco SIBS is the most widely used payment method in Portugal. A payment option that allows the consumer´s own banking environment to be used without sharing personal information or card details.
Przelewy24Przelewy24 Wallet Przelewy24 is an internet payment method based on online banking, integrated by 148 banks. It offers guaranteed and completely secure transactions.
SEPA Direct DebitSEPA Direct Debit Wire transfer SEPA Direct Debit is a payment system created by the European Payments Council, which allows companies to process one-off or recurring payments between SEPA countries.
WayletWaylet Wallet Coming soon
Bank transfer EuropaBank transfer Europa wire transfer Coming soon
Klarna Pay LaterKlarna Pay Later Financing Coming soon

PAYCOMET on your e-commerce platform

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Frequently asked questions about payment methods in Europe

  • What is the most popular payment method in Europe?

  • Each European country has its own preferred payment methods. With PAYCOMET you can offer the most popular payment methods in each European country. If you have any questions about a specific country, our specialised team will be happy to advise you.

  • What are the fees for accepting payment methods from Europe?

  • PAYCOMET costs 19 euros per month for a flat rate, which includes all services and up to €2,000 of turnover. The first three months are free and there is no commitment of permanence. Check the payment method fees.

  • How to charge your European customers?

  • In Europe there are different payment habits depending on the country. It is therefore important to know the main online payment methods and integrate them into your ecommerce.

  • What are the advantages of accepting multiple forms of payment in Europe?

  • By offering the most widely used online payment methods in Europe, you can internationalise your ecommerce, increase your conversion rate and boost your sales.

Want to accept payment in Europe?

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