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Collections and payments, buyers and sellers: simplify management with a single platform

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We make your life easy. Integrate PAYCOMET quickly and with little effort, in any environment. Complete API, SDK's, ecommerce plugins, templates, technical support...

Choose the model that best suits your business

SPLIT Marketplace

Recommended for
Up to 5 shops

PAYCOMET wallet system for each seller

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Sellers receive the funds into their PAYCOMET wallet

Sellers order withdrawals from the PAYCOMET platform

PAYCOMET handles 100% of the onboarding and KYC for each seller

Each seller has a PAYCOMET account

SEPA Escrow

Recommended for
6 or more stores

SEPA transfers to send funds to sellers

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Funds are sent by SEPA mandate directly to the seller's bank account according to the defined rules.

The seller need not open any account on PAYCOMET

PAYCOMET performs simplified onboarding of shops

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Frequently asked questions about Marketplace

  • What does PAYCOMET offer in terms of regulatory compliance for the management of payment and collection operations in my marketplace?

  • Our licence as a payment institution authorised by the Bank of Spain allows us to safeguard third-party funds with complete autonomy. As indicated in the European Directive PSD2, this is a mandatory requirement to guarantee security in the management of third-party funds, as in the case of marketplace or platform models.

  • Is it possible to schedule payments to my vendors?

  • Yes, through the control panel you will be able to automatically pay each seller their share according to the rules you have defined. In the case of SEPA mode, the marketplace pays the sales to each seller through SEPA transfers to their respective bank accounts.

  • Does each seller have to open an account with PAYCOMET?

  • It depends on the payment management model you prefer for your Marketplace. With SEPA Marketplace, sellers receive funds directly into their bank account without having to open an account with PAYCOMET. In addition, you can perform simplified onboarding and KYC for each seller. The information is sent via API and the seller can start processing instantly.

  • What are the advantages of managing my Marketplace payments with PAYCOMET?

  • Our specific technology to cover the needs of complex payment flows, such as those that occur in marketplace or platform business models, allows you to be very agile in the management of funds between your sellers. A single platform for payment management: from PAY-IN (sale to the end customer) to PAY-OUT (settlement to the seller).

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