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Add PayPal to your ecommerce in one click. Offer the preferred online payment method for millions of users worldwide. PayPal is now fully integrated with PAYCOMET.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the leading international payment companies. Founded in the early 2000s in the heart of Silicon Valley, today it has a user base of over 400 million users in more than 200 markets. PayPal, through its digital payment wallet, enables users to pay quickly and securely without having to continually enter their financial data and helps businesses improve their shopping experience. More than 30 million businesses rely on its service.

Advantages of accepting payments with PayPal

  • Agile

  • Allow customers to securely store and retrieve their payment information to buy on your ecommerce site, in 1 click. Increase conversion and loyalty.

  • Flexible

  • Your customers choose how they want to pay with PayPal for each purchase: with their linked payment methods or with their PayPal balance.

  • Reliable

  • PayPal, thanks to its brand recognition and values, helps you to connect with new customers around the world and expand the reach of your business.

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Include PayPal at your checkout and gain access to all the features of PAYCOMET

0,09 € + PayPal processing fees

How does PayPal work?

With PayPal, your customers can pay securely, in one click, using their PayPal user account.

Checkout pago PayPal

Pay with PayPal

Your customer selects the "Pay with PayPal" option from the payment methods available during checkout.

Iniciar sesión PayPal

Log in

Your customer logs in to their PayPal account with their login details.

Métodos de pago PayPal

Choose payment option

Your customer chooses how to pay: with PayPal balance or with one of the credit cards linked to PayPal.

Aceptar pago PayPal

Accept payment

The customer can check if the shipping address associated with PayPal is correct. If not, they can edit it and confirm the payment.

Payment confirmation

If the payment has been processed correctly, the customer is redirected to the merchant`s confirmation page. Otherwise, the failed transaction information is displayed.

Is PayPal secure as a payment method?

secure payment with PayPal

All payment methods
in one platform

PAYCOMET and PayPal on your ecommerce platform

If you use an ecommerce CMS, you can integrate the PAYCOMET Virtual POS in just a few clicks and start offering PayPal. Download the module, request a trial account and find out how easy it is to start selling with PAYCOMET.

Payment methods in CMS plugins for ecommerce
Payment methods in CMS plugins for ecommerce

PayPal compatible solutions

Icono TPV Virtual
Virtual POS
Icono PAY by Link
PAY by Link
Icono Pay by QR
Pay by QR

Frequently asked questions about PayPal

  • How do I create a business account?

  • To be able to accept payments with PayPal you must start by creating a PayPal Business account, which will be linked to your PAYCOMET account to complete the integration. In the following link you can start the registration process. .

  • How can I add PayPal to my website?

  • As a PAYCOMET customer you can easily activate PayPal from your dashboard. Through a simple process, the PayPal payment button will be displayed on your payment form. Check here for the technical documentation for integration.

  • What fees does PayPal charge?

  • Paying with PayPal is a completely free service for the buyer. For merchants, the setup of PayPal in PAYCOMET has no additional cost, while the cost per transaction is 0.09 €. PayPal, on its side, applies additional fees, depending on the contract with each merchant. Check PayPal`s fees here. .

  • How can I withdraw money from sales?

  • The available balance of sales collected through PayPal can be withdrawn via bank transfer or as a balance on a debit card.

Want to accept payments with PayPal?

Contact us or create a free account and start offering payments with PayPal today.

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