Fraud control

Velocity checks and fraud scoring. Fraud management based on scoring rules and advanced algorithms. Preview the rules in the simulator.

We've developed a flexible, scalable, and intelligent fraud module. Whether you use a team of experts or prefer to automate.

Fraud scoring rules are configurable according to your risk level

Using the information provided by the user and their behavior on the web, PAYCOMET can define the risk level of risk that a transaction is. If this level is higher than defined, the transaction is rejected. With PAYCOMET fraud platform you can test the scoring rules and know how they will work before passing it to a real environment.

Reduce manual revisions

By applying scoring rules, manual reviews will be much less frequent. Your team will be able to analyze patterns and optimize rules.

Analysis of patterns and business rules, the perfect mix!

Apply your business knowledge to define the best rules, analyze common behavior patterns and compare them with business rules: turn scoring into a protective shield.

Velocity checks available

Automatic fraud rules that help you filter suspicious behaviors in your operation and balance the terminals accordingly.

How does advanced fraud scoring work?

Define the rules you want to apply and assign to each a value between 1 and 100. The system will calculate the risk level of each transaction using an algorithm.

Here are some examples:

- Invalid email

- Amount greater than 2,000 EUR

- Card from country other than where you are buying

Simulate the rules with your history of operation and validate the ratio of acceptance to denial.

Define what action will be taken according to the level of risk. For example, if the risk level is between 1 and 40, the transaction is accepted; if the risk level is at 40 to 60, additional or manual verification is required; from 60 upwards, the transaction is rejected.

Choose the solution that best suits your business model

Virtual POS

Sell online, worldwide. Offer your customers a fast, smooth and secure payment experience. Improve loyalty and increase sales. If you have an ecommerce business, this is your solution.

Call POS

Don't miss a sale: adapt to your client and take advantage of the optimal time for conversion. Safely charge by phone or send a payment link by email or SMS. Turn your customer service into additional sales.

PAY by Link

Wherever you want to sell, we make it possible. Generate a paid link and share it with your client through whichever channel you prefer: in a marketing campaign, in your blog, by email, or even via social networks.

Call center IVR

Secure payments within your call center: your customer types the card number directly on their mobile, without the agent having access to the data.


An innovative solution for managing online payments in marketplace environments. Multi-carrier sales are processed and the transaction funds are distributed among the different merchants.


We simplify the management of funds, payments, and collections between players of any service platform. For digital business models.

Hotel Reservations

Tokenization of cards for hotel reservations: greater security for your business and a better user experience for your customers. Integration with OTA's, PMS, others.

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