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Now is the time to offer Bizum payments in your online shop. Incorporate a payment method that has millions of users all over Spain. Offer your customers the possibility of paying conveniently from their mobile phone.

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What is Bizum?

Bizum is a very popular payment method in Spain, which was born as a micropayment solution between individuals. Now Bizum is also available for businesses as an online payment system. With Bizum your customers can make purchases quickly and conveniently, directly from their mobile phone, without having to enter their card details. Add the Bizum payment button to your ecommerce without extra costs or commissions.

Advantages of accepting payments with Bizum

  • Fast

  • Users can make a payment in less than 25 seconds using only their mobile phone and the Bizum code.

  • Reliable

  • Bizum is a solution created by leading Spanish banks. Thousands of leading retailers have already incorporated Bizum as an online payment method for their webshops. See retailer list.

  • Secure

  • Its dual validation factor when authorising a purchase makes it a completely secure payment alternative.

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Tarifa Bizum


% Bizum according to bank + €0.09

steps to pay with Bizum

How does Bizum work for businesses?

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Pay with Bizum

The customer chooses the option "Pay with Bizum" when confirming the purchase in your online shop.

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Data verification

The user enters their mobile phone number and the Bizum password. The user then confirms the payment via mobile phone.

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Payment received

Both the customer and the retailer receive a transaction result notification.

Is it secure to pay with Bizum?

Bizum key example

All payment methods
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Paycomet and Bizum on your ecommerce platform

If you work with a CMS for ecommerce, you can integrate the PAYCOMET Virtual POS in a couple of clicks and start offering payments with Bizum. Download the module, request a trial account and find out how easy it is to start selling with PAYCOMET.

Payment methods in CMS plugins for ecommerce
Payment methods in CMS plugins for ecommerce

Bizum compatible solutions

Icono TPV Virtual
Virtual POS
Icono PAY by Link
PAY by Link
Icono Call TPV
Call POS
Icono Pay by QR
Pay by QR

Frequently asked questions about Bizum

  • What is the Bizum code?

  • The Bizum code is a 4-digit PIN that each buyer assigns when registering in the application and that will allow them to shop in all shops that offer this payment method.

  • Which banks can I use Bizum for business with?

  • Bizum for businesses is available at Banco Sabadell and other Spanish banks. Check here for a complete list and updates.

  • How do I integrate Bizum into my website?

  • As a PAYCOMET customer you can activate this payment method from your control panel. Depending on your integration method and through a simple process, the Bizum payment button will be displayed on your payment form. See here for the technical documentation for the integration.

  • How much does the Bizum service for businesses cost?

  • Paying with Bizum is a completely free service for the buyer. For companies, payments with Bizum through PAYCOMET have a cost of €0.09 per transaction, the same as card payments. Additionally, the bank may apply additional fees for each transaction. See all the rates here.

  • How to activate a company account?

  • You can use Bizum for businesses as long as you are registered as a freelancer and have a website or mobile application to offer your products or services online. The Bizum service for individuals has many limitations that do not apply to Bizum for businesses.

  • Is there a limit to the number of transactions with Bizum?

  • The Bizum service for individuals has a number of limitations that mainly affect the number of transactions and amounts allowed. In the case of Bizum for businesses, no such limitations apply, although each entity may apply specific limitations depending on the business, as is the case with card payments or other systems.

Do you want to accept payments with Bizum?

Contact us or create a free account and start offering Bizum payments today.

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