Payment in instalments

Payment in instalments, also known as BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), is a payment method that allows customers to split up their payment or makes payment flexible, sometimes even interest free. This payment method has become increasingly popular among customers. Offering payment in instalments helps boost your conversion rate and the average ticket per order. At PAYCOMET we offer an integrated solution so you can offer your customers online financing, with on-the-spot approval.

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Payment in instalments for your ecommerce, fully integrated

With PAYCOMET, letting customers buy now and pay later will allow you to offer a flexible shopping experience. Learn about the payment methods that allow customers to finance their purchase in easy instalments.

Payment method Country Description
InstantCredit by Sabadell ConsumerInstantCredit by Sabadell Consumer ES InstantCredit is an instant, 100% digital solution from Sabadell Consumer that allows customers to pay online in easy instalments through a safe, trustworthy platform. Companies with annual turnover of €300,000 or higher can request this payment method.
Klarna Pay LaterKlarna Pay Later AT, DK, FI, DE, NL, NO, SE, UK, US Coming soon
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Process BNPL payments with just one platform

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Offer your customers the freedom of paying at their own pace. With the option to pay in instalments, you can let them pay instantly, safely and without any paperwork. It’s easy, convenient and adapts to any budget.

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Higher average ticket

By breaking the total into instalments, customers are more comfortable spending more or adding more products to their basket. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase the average ticket at your ecommerce.

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Higher conversion

Make it easy to purchase more expensive products and services, eliminating any friction from price sensitivity and boosting conversion.

Advantages of accepting payment in instalments on your ecommerce

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BNPL compatible solutions

Icono TPV Virtual
Virtual POS
Icono PAY by Link
PAY by Link
Icono Call TPV
Call POS
Icono Pay by QR
Pay by QR

Frequently asked questions about financing

  • Is it hard to integrate BNPL payment into an ecommerce site?

  • As a PAYCOMET client, you can activate any payment method easily from your dashboard, even payment in instalments. We offer various types of integrationso you can choose the one that suits you best.

  • When should I accept payment in instalments in my online shop?

  • It’s becoming more common to offer payment in instalments, regardless of the product or service you provide, although it is particularly advantageous if your average ticket is high, as is the case for appliances, furniture, travel, electronics or luxury goods, to give a few examples.

Want to accept payment in instalments?

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