Call Center IVR

Secure payments at your call center without losing a sale. Sell and charge with total security, with the user experience your clients deserve. We facilitate compliance with PCI regulations

IVR telephone payments

Offer maximum security with a telephone payment automation system in your Call Center. Integrate the system into your own platform, customize the creation of flows and offer your agents a single solution for all transactions.

Call center, booking agencies, telephone sales, telemarketing, recoveries... Security and conversion for your business

How it works:

During the call, the customer agrees to process a payment.

The agent indicates to the system the amount receivable.

The agent transfers the call to the IVR.

The IVR requests card details from the customer. The customer types the data into their phone.

After the operation, and depending on the result, the call may end, return to the agent, or return to a menu, depending on the logic configured.

Any doubts?

In this article we explain all the details of the IVR Call Center system.

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Call Center IVR Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the connection between the IVR and my Call Center work?

  • The process is simple: the call goes from your switchboard to the previously defined billing extension. Afterwards, the customer is asked to enter the card data directly into his cell phone.

  • How does the telephone payment confirmation arrive?

  • Once the transaction is completed, we will send the call back along with a synchronous notification of the result of the transaction, whether it was successful or not. In this way, we can even send the data associated with the card storage for future purchases.

  • Is it possible to define logics according to the result of the operation?

  • Yes, in case of success or error the call can hang up, can return to the same agent, to a recording or can even be redirected to an agent pool in case you want to release the original agent.

  • How to hire PAYCOMET Call Center IVR?

  • Contact now and our sales team will contact you for further information.

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