Mobile payment

Progressive increases in payments by mobile phone have made this the third most popular option among users. At PAYCOMET, we guarantee you a secure payment platform that meets your expectations in mobile payment.

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Fully integrated mobile payments for ecommerce

With PAYCOMET, integrating mobile payments into your e-commerce is fast, simple, and secure. Accept payments by mobile phone in your online store. Find out about the different methods that allow mobile payments.

Payment method Country Description
BizumBizum ES Bizum is a leading mobile payment method in Spain for transferring money instantly and free of charge from one bank account to another.
M-PesaM-Pesa KE Coming soon
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Process mobile payments on a single platform

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Secure payments

Offers secure mobile payments and complies with buyer double-authentication, as required in e-commerce.

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Quick purchase

Make payment quick and easy for your customers and eliminate the need to enter card details by paying directly from a smartphone.

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Flat rate

Accepting mobile payments has never been easier. Enjoy our flat rate of only €19 per month. Check conditions

Advantages of integrating mobile payment

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Compatible mobile payment solutions

Icono TPV Virtual
Virtual POS
Icono PAY by Link
PAY by Link
Icono Call TPV
Call POS
Icono Pay by QR
Pay by QR

Frequently asked questions about mobile payment

  • How to accept mobile payments online?

  • Choose the PAYCOMET payment gateway and integrate it easily into your website. Discover the full potential of accepting mobile payments while enjoying 3 months free, with no commitment to stay. Click here.

  • Is it safe to pay by mobile phone?

  • Mobile payment is a secure method. However, it´s essential to have a payment platform such as PAYCOMET that guarantees compliance with international regulations and optimal fraud management.

  • What is the cost of mobile payment?

  • PAYCOMET features a flat rate with no commissions if you don´t invoice over €2,000 per month. From that figure, the commission for mobile payment operations will depend on the method chosen. To consult the rates, click here.

  • Can I pay online by mobile in any ecommerce?

  • More and more online stores are adapting to customer habits and accepting the various mobile payment systems available in the market. Do not limit yourself to accepting card payments only – offer the best options at all times.

Do you want to accept mobile phone payments?

Contact us or create a free account and start offering mobile payment today.

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